What is Cricket game?            ----   Cricket : A Gentlemen's Game!   ----
The game of cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams, Similar to baseball. It is thought to be the second-most popular sport on the planet, behind football (soccer). It has been played for hundreds of years, the modern form originating in England and spread across the British Commonwealth. It is wildly popular in England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand, among others.

2 Teams: 11 players each Batting Team Bats an innings and scores runs

When they bat a batsman is in until he’s out. When he’s out the next batsman comes in until he’s out.

When all the batsmen are out, the team is all out, apart from one batsman who is not out.

Reverse roles after an innings, Team with most runs wins

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  11 player per side
   2 batsmen are in action at a time
  1 bowler bowls
  1 wicket keeper
  9 fielders
  2 umpires
  2 sets of wickets on each side

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 --> Bowler bowls the ball to striker
-- >Striker tries to hit ball with bat
...... Runs scored, No runs scored, Gets out
Running’ runs
Ball remains inside the field Batsmen run across the pitch
Striker ↔ Non-striker
Each crossing of pitch = 1 run
Score 1, 2, 3 or 4 runs.
Over the Boundary : Score : 6 Runs.
Extra Run : Wide ball (Ball fails to bowls the ball inside of the bating mark). No Ball (Baller cross bowling mark) - Extra 1 Run

The team with the highest number of points(runs) is the winner.

Mustafa M. Khondker, CTS 10